MyCAA Success Stories: How Educational Funding Changes Lives

Mil spouse
There’s nothing more inspiring than an underdog success story, especially one you can relate to. Here are some encouraging stories of unsung heroes—military spouses—and how they used MyCAA to improve their lives.

But wait—what is MyCAA?
MyCAA is a scholarship for military spouses funded by the Department of Defense. The program provides military spouses with up to $4,000 to pursue a license, certificate, certification, or associate degree. You are eligible as long as you are a spouse of an active duty service member in pay grades E1-E5, W1-W2, or O1-O2.  This funding has opened doors of career advancement and opportunity for thousands of deserving military spouses. Let’s read a few of their success stories.

1. Success Story #1: Iris
Having a child at home and living the military lifestyle, Iris had a hard time reaching her career goals but knew she wanted more. “I know that I am capable of doing more in my life than just a high school diploma,” she said. “In order for [my child] to have the best, I needed to further my education.” Iris learned about the MyCAA program, how it is much more than just financial aid. She loved how it provided counseling and budgeting assistance and guided her through the entire process.

Iris chose a portable job in an in-demand field—a pharmacy technician career. She even found a MyCAA-approved online program at Career Step that she felt allowed her to create her own schedule and fulfill her responsibilities as a mom. Now as a pharmacy tech, Iris is better able to balance a satisfying job with her family life.

2. Success Story #2: Katherine
As a new Navy wife, Katherine didn’t really know anything about the perks and benefits of being a military spouse. A friend pointed out that she could go back to school using the federal program, and Katherine jumped at the opportunity to expand her education.

Katherine talked to an advisor at Career Step, where her friend was also enrolled, who explained to her all the possibilities MyCAA offered. With help and support from Career Step, Katherine enrolled in a medical coding and billing program using MyCAA funds and is now a trained coding professional.

She is grateful to Career Step for holding her hand through the process because being a military spouse can be difficult, especially when you are never sure what life change is coming next.

3. Success Story #3: Dana
Dana was an IT executive, but after a 5 year career break that started with the birth of her son, she wasn’t sure where to start when she decided to go back to work.  “As a military spouse, we are constantly moving,” she says, making it tricky to expand the type of career she was used to. Dana knew it was time to choose a new career path, one that could easily be done from home. That’s how she found medical transcription—the perfect fit for her lifestyle.

Next Dana needed to find a program, and she settled on Career Step’s medical transcription training, as it gave the flexibility of online learning that perfectly fit her needs. Additionally, Career Step had a number of programs in place supporting military spouses. After completing her online learning, Dana became a successful, work-from-home medical transcriptionist.

Are you a military spouse? Have you also put your career on hold? Thanks to MyCAA, you no longer need to wait to be the next career success story. Join Iris, Katherine, and Dana by pursuing a satisfying career that fits your lifestyle thanks to MyCAA and MyCAA-approved programs. Check out the MyCAA website and take advantage of your hard-earned benefits today!


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