MyCAA: Your Ticket to a Move-Proof Career

Military couple

Military families relocate 10 times more often than civilian families, often every 2 to 3 years. Moving so much brings extra challenges for military spouses: many feel it isn’t worth investing in education or pursuing a fulfilling career since another move is just around the corner. Sound familiar?

The U.S. has over a million military spouses—thank goodness there is now a program to help them find, finance, and train for a new career fit for a military lifestyle. The MyCAA funding program provides financial assistance to eligible military spouses to pursue education that leads to employment in high demand, high growth, portable career fields. Here is more about this door-opening program and how it could make your career move-proof.

You deserve a fulfilling, portable career.
The Institute for Veteran and Military Families publishes an annual report on military spouse employment. The 2013 report revealed some distressing findings—90% of military wives were underemployed and overqualified for their jobs. Additionally, military spouses earned 38% less than their civilian counterparts and were 30% more likely to be unemployed. These distressing facts show there is a great need for training and careers that fit the military family lifestyle. MyCAA was created to address this problem and help military spouses achieve fulfilling careers that meet their unique needs.

MyCAA funding is the answer to your career problems.

Funded by the Department of Defense, MyCAA is exclusively for military spouses and provides up to $4,000 in financial aid toward eligible certifications, associate degrees, credentials, and more. Applying for financial assistance through the MyCAA program is quick and easy. You simply apply through the MyCAA website.  Many institutions and training programs are already MyCAA-approved, making it easy for you to choose an eligible career path that interests you. Thanks to technology and universal needs such as healthcare, you have lots of options, including medical transcription, hospitality management, administrative assistance, translation and interpretation, information technology, real estate, medical coding, and more.

Training options to match your lifestyle.
Many online institutions and certification programs such as Career Step are MyCAA-approved, meaning you can train remotely for a career that allows you to work remotely. A Rand research report even recommends online learning for military spouses because it breaks the barriers of time, cost, and place. If you would prefer courses at a physical institution, ask about additional MyCAA participant benefits: many schools offer perks like onsite child care, discounts, scholarships, and space priority to MyCAA recipients.

Despite its great benefits, MyCAA is underutilized and often misunderstood: a 2012 survey showed that of respondents who said they didn’t use MyCAA because they didn’t qualify, 63% were actually eligible to receive financial aid. Don’t let this be you! The MyCAA program presents an incredible opportunity to make your career dreams a reality regardless of how many moving trucks are in your future.

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