Need-a-Career-Change-itis: Signs, Symptoms, and How To Help


Need-a-Career-Change-itis is a serious malady affecting a growing number of individuals—especially as the economy struggles and many feel trapped in their current positions. Unfortunately, this debilitating condition often goes undiagnosed and is frequently ignored by not only the sufferer, but also by their family and friends. Don’t let your loved ones suffer needlessly! Learn to recognize the signs and learn how you can help them start a new career.

There are many signs and symptoms characteristic of Need-a-Career-Change-itis. If you see evidence of any or all of these signs and symptoms in your loved one, consider approaching them with your concerns. Signs and symptoms to look out for include:

  • Unexplained headaches, nausea, and/or tears every Sunday night.
  • Lack of desire to get out of bed on weekday mornings.
  • Increased, and often excessive, fluid consumption at work (upon further study this has been found to be unrelated to any health concerns and seems to only revolve around refilling a cup or trips to the bathroom).
  • Sudden, strange preoccupation with studying the calendar for upcoming holidays.
  • Uncanny and constant awareness of the time—often accompanied by an irrational need to count down the minutes until 5 pm.
  • Intense mood highs and feelings of euphoria every Friday at 5:01 pm.

Need-a-Career-Change-itis rarely corrects itself and can cause years of pain and frustration for those who are afflicted. Encouraging your loved one to talk about the situation can be one of the most effective ways of helping them acknowledge the condition—it also provides you the opportunity to present a potential cure and help them start a new career.

Once recognized, Need-a-Career-Change-itis can be easily treated and eventually cured through career retraining therapy. This therapy provides sufferers with instant short-term relief as they begin to regain a sense of control and a long-term cure as they remove themselves from environmental factors causing the condition.

Career Step has been offering quality career retraining therapy resources for over 20 years. As a beneficiary of these retraining resources yourself, you are in an excellent position to encourage your loved one to take advantage of the Career Step retraining resources and reassure them of the difference these resources can make. Acknowledging a condition such as Need-a-Career-Change-itis and training for a new career can be daunting, but you can help your loved one make this important step toward a brighter future. Encourage your loved one to call 1-800-411-7073 or visit today to start on their path to healing.

If you’re interested in a long-term opportunity to help others overcome this serious condition and start a new career, consider our Referral Program. Learn more about this program in our Career Step Referral Program Basics blog post.

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