Networking Tips To Get A Pharmacy Technician Job

Networking Tips To Get A Pharmacy Technician JobNetworking is merely getting to know people.  You may be surprised to know that you are networking every day and everywhere you go.  It is important to network while you are job searching.  Most job openings are never advertised.  That is why networking is the best way to find a job.  You want to get noticed so making those personal connections will be very important in your job search.

You never know who anyone knows!  You want to build a chain of referrals from one person, to the next, to the next until you reach the person that might have the right position for you.

Networking Tip 1:  Make a list of the people in your network.  Family, friends, colleagues, co-workers and neighbors.  Making contacts with people you are closest to is a great place to start.  Try and make it a goal to make one or two new contacts a day.  If you can successfully accomplish this goal you will quickly build your number of connections.

Networking Tip 2:  Make contact with the people in your network.  First let them know you are looking for a job, next be specific about what kind of work.  Ask if they know anyone in a related field and anyone else whom they may know that would be worth your time to talk to.  With each new contact you will want to get at least a couple of additional contacts.

Networking Tip 3:  Make a connection at one of your target companies.  Networking will be more effective if you have specific employer targets or career goals.  Make a list of 10 target companies.  Determine to connect each day in some way to at least one of those companies.  The connection can be in the form of a follow up email, phone call, thank you card, or resume.  Be professionally persistent and creative.

Networking tips for finding Pharmacy Technician jobs.

Participate in an externship.  The pharmacy where you do your externship may not have any “paid” job openings; however, pharmacists network with one another and can be the means to helping you find employment.

Do not limit your job search to chain pharmacies.  Try independent pharmacies, mail-order pharmacies and institutional pharmacies.

Offer to volunteer to just get your foot in the door, and get experience.  Consider applying as a clerk/front store position and work your way up to working in the pharmacy.  Once you get your foot in the door at a store, they are more likely to hire from within.

Be creative, and look for every opportunity to get a connection.  Network with your pharmacist, think of any one you know who may have a contact in the health care field.  When you expand your network, you’ll be more likely to find yourself in a position of finding out about the jobs before they hit the “big” job board.

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