New Resource: Medical Transcription Industry Facts Video

Wanna see something cool? Check out our newest video all about the medical transcription industry!

We’ve created this video to help spread the word about the job opportunities in medical transcription. Our employer partners don’t have enough well-trained medical transcriptionists to fill their entry-level positions, and in Canada alone one employer is looking to hire 300 new transcriptionists by June!

Help us spread the word about the need for medical transcriptionists in both the U.S. and Canada. Pin, post, share, or tweet our new “State of the Medical Transcription Industry” video for your family, friends, and contacts!

The best way to share this video while making sure you get credit for any referrals is to click on the Media tab at the top of your referral page and then click on the new MT animated video in the Videos section. Once you’re on the page with the video, use that link as you’re sharing the video with others.

Forgot your referral information?  Email us at, and we will be happy to reply with your referral number and personal website.

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