Easy Ideas for Celebrating National Boss Day

Posted on 10.15.2015

National Boss Day or Boss’s Day is one of those things that can be a really fun day around the office if celebrated properly. As an executive assistant, it’s important to remember dates like this for the different members of your team and know how to celebrate them without a ton of hullabaloo. Below are a few suggestions on how to celebrate your boss with class and grace.

Take the boss out to lunch. In lieu of a party, taking the boss out to lunch with the executive team can be a fun way to celebrate. It’s a low key and easy to coordinate.

Hand out awards to all the supervisors in the office. The awards don’t need to be serious—they can be fun things like the “best-dressed boss” or the “funniest boss” or the “coolest boss,” etc.

Set up a little pool for employees to contribute to a group present for the boss. Avoid giving personal gifts because they can be misunderstood or misconstrued and could lead to awkwardness, rumors, and other issues you want to avoid. A group gift like a cool fountain pen, baked goods, or an epic office mug are all excellent ideas.

If you want to go really simple and easy, circulate a card to all employees for them to sign and then present the card to your boss. A card that is signed by everyone can really go a long way to making someone feel appreciated.

Have a simple office party to celebrate your company’s supervisors. It’s a good time to allow employees to relax, mingle, and spend a few minutes talking to each other and the supervisors without the normal work stressors. Circulating some cards for the supervisors beforehand and then presenting them at the party can be a lot of fun.

Get each executive’s favorite candy bar or snack and place it on their desk in the morning with a little Happy Boss Day sticker or note on it. This is a super simple yet fun way to recognize the executives. This one requires a little more coordination, but it works great!

These are just a few suggestions, but there are plenty more on the internet. Google is your friend as an executive assistant—don’t be afraid to embrace it!

Do you have some fun, professional ideas for National Boss Day? Put them in the comments below!