Humans Are Weird…

Posted on 03.26.2015

Humans are weird. This thought came to mind last night as I was scratching my sons’ teeth with a tiny plastic brush covered in stripey goo freshly squeezed from a tube. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

You know what I’m talking about because you likely stepped into a ceramic box this morning. Being in the ceramic box obviously led you to put stuff that tastes really bad—but somehow makes you smell good—all over your skin until it got bubbly, only to then have it shot off by water that’s sprayed out of a pipe coming out of the wall. Naturally the pipe leads to a magical, never-ending series of other pipes and a seemingly endless supply of clean water.

People do weird things. You know because even right now you’re staring at glowing plastic while pushing buttons on an object named after a rodent.

This is everyday stuff. What other species on earth does these things? Here’s the best part—you get to read along with my thought process right now and think about how weird these things are too; or perhaps just that I am the strange one in writing them down. People aren’t just unique because of the odd things they do every day. Humans are unique in their amazing ability to learn, think, and process information. Humans are also unique in the subtleties of communication and expressing emotions they feel. To me, the same things that make us humans weird are the very same things that make us amazing—we think and feel deeply.

I am fortunate to be in a position to witness these realities of humanity every day. On occasion, I have listened to students break down and cry on the phone. Emails that express agony, utter frustration, and hopelessness have landed in my inbox. I feel just as lucky to have been entrusted with these expressions as I do when I get the “I passed my final!” message.

Some CareerStep students are making a career change, others are training for a career for the first time. Whatever your situation, the majority of our students are making a major life decision, and a very human one. Working hard to make your life better and more comfortable, the very idea of “success,” is very human. I join my friends here at CareerStep in thanking our learners for letting us be a small part of this process.

Humans are weird; heck, I am one of the weirdest ones I know. Our weirdness makes us awesome. I consider it a great honor to be a spectator to the uniquely human experiences our students encounter. All of us at CareerStep recognize that we would not be here without you. Thank you for allowing us to be a small part of something as meaningful as your major life decisions. And of course, many thanks for letting us participate in both your weirdness and your greatness!