Referral Webinar Available On-Demand

Did you miss our Referral webinar back at the beginning of the month? Great news! Now you can watch it anytime. We’ve posted a recording of the webinar in our Referral Resource Center so you can refer to it whether you participated live or not.

Our webinar covers a number of ways you can increase your personal referral success. Whether you’re new to the Referral program, you’re trying to increase your monthly referrals, or you’ve already had success with the program, the webinar is a great resource. Check out the recording to…

• Learn the basics of the Referral program.
• Learn about the tools and resources available to referrers.
• Come away with new ideas and best practices to generate more referrals (including how to effectively use social media in your referral efforts).

What other topics would you like to see covered? Let us know and we’ll start working on the next Referral webinar!

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