Career Step is now on Pinterest!

Heard of Pinterest, the latest social network trend that everyone seems to be talking about? Most likely, you’re in one of these three stages of Pinterest-acceptance:

  1. You’re blissfully unaware that there’s another (ridiculously addicting) social network out there.
  2. You’ve heard of Pinterest and all of your friends are singing its praises, but you don’t really need a new social network to spend time on so you’re avoiding it.
  3. You innocently wandered over to Pinterest one day to “just check it out” and wound up spending hours organizing your own pinboards and looking through all of the different recipes, diy crafts, money-saving tips, and more. You now reward yourself for finishing that study marathon, sticking to your diet, or cleaning the kitchen by 5 minutes of Pinterest time.

All kidding aside, there is a reason for Pinterest to be the current darling of the social media scene. The site is an online pinboard where you can collect and organize the online material you want to keep track of and see what your friends and other like-minded individuals are looking at. If you haven’t taken a look yet, it is worth spending a few minutes to see what it’s all about.

And Career Step now has a Pinterest profile! Come check out our boards at and follow us so we can follow you back! We offer boards that are program specific as well as more lifestyle-oriented ones (for example we have a Moms and a Military board in addition to one with study tips).

As personal referrers, Pinterest can be an excellent tool to let your friends know about the opportunities Career Step offers. Repinning a story from a Career Step graduate who is now successfully working from home or who got a job within a week of graduating can be an easy way to let your friends know about Career Step training. So, come check out our Career Step Pinterest boards!

What do you think of Pinterest? How might you use it in your referral efforts?


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