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job applicationOne of the many questions students ask us after enrolling in the medical transcription editor training course is, “How can I prepare myself as a student so I’m ready to start working as an MT directly after graduation?”

Although it may seem early to be thinking about employment, the truth is it’s never too early to start preparing. There are several steps you can take during your training that will help you tremendously when you begin to look for employment.

One of the first steps to successful employment opportunities is to draw upon the research and experience of others by networking. You will soon find that many of your leads come as a result of knowing someone. Talk about your training to any doctors, nurses, or healthcare professionals you know or meet. Many students have landed medical transcription and editor jobs this way.

In fact, one student shared her story of a job she acquired after telling her doctor she was taking the medical transcription training program through Career Step. Her doctor asked her to spell ‘salicylsalicylic acid.’ When she finished spelling the term correctly for him, he asked her to grab an application from the receptionist on her way out and told her she was hired! This particular situation is unique, but we’ve heard from other students/graduates who have obtained MT job opportunities just by word of mouth.

A second step is to initiate relationships with other medical transcriptionists. There are several medical transcription support groups online, including the Career Step forum. To access the forum, go to and follow the instructions for signing in. Taking advantage of these resources works like fertilizer by enriching your knowledge base and creating a wider landscape of employment information for you to consume.

The Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) is a great networking source as well. AHDI (formerly known as The American Association for Medical Transcription) is a national organization with state and local chapters. You can find out more about AHDI at If you take the time to build these relationships, you will see your efforts rewarded greatly.

You can also take this time to prepare for employment by learning as much as you can about the various MT companies out there so you’re well prepared to start the application process as soon as you graduate. Check out resources like the Previous Events area of our community chat rooms, the MT/MTE Graduates forum, and various MT employment-related websites like Taking the time now to learn as much as you can about various MT companies will help you transition into the application process with very little additional effort, saving you time and frustration.

Lastly, take the time to thoroughly learn the principles taught in the program. Just as a gardener would take the time to learn all he/she can to create the most favorable soil conditions in order to get optimal results, your training is similar in the sense that it is meant to prepare you for employment; and what you don’t master during your training, you will have to learn in the workplace. Cutting corners while in your training might shave off some of your study time short-term, but you’ll find yourself making up for lost time when you’re trying to adjust to all the nuances of a new job. This will ultimately result in your feeling overwhelmed and frustrated long-term. Your ability to take and pass employment exams (and thus receive offers of employment) will depend upon the extent you have learned principles throughout the training.

Graduates who are well networked will typically find employment faster than those who are not. Take the time to sow your employment seeds now by using networking as your tool and you’ll find your search for employment will be much easier when the hiring season is here and ready to harvest. If you have any questions on preparing for employment, please feel free to email us at, or call 1-888-657-5752 option 4.

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