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MCBlog articleI have worked at Career Step for the past 11 years. The main reason I have worked at Career Step for this long is because they help each employee in their professional development. They provide the tools and training needed to assist each employee in their professional development.

There is an article in the June 2015 edition of Healthcare Business Monthly called “Grow as a Pro” that has some really good points about professional development. In the article, it talks about 6 areas. These areas are: take initiative, see things in a new perspective, sharpen your skills, worry about yourself, and overcome barriers. Let’s take a look at a few of these main points:

Take Initiative
“A person who takes initiative is proactive.”

See Things in a New Perspective
“Working in the medical field requires keeping up with constant changes. To succeed in the field, you must adapt.”

Sharpen Your Skills
“Every so often, perform a self-assessment. Look at yourself and determine what areas need refinement.”

Worry About Yourself
“Many employees fail to grow as a professional because they are too worried about what their co-workers are doing (or not doing). Do not focus on others. The time you spend worrying about others is valuable time you could be spending on yourself.”

Overcome Barriers
“Attitude is one of the biggest barriers to overcome. A change in attitude, or a change in how you react to a situation, may be your first step to growing as a professional.”

Think Positively
“Part of growing as a professional is developing a positive attitude.” 

If you implement the advice from each of these areas in your career you will be successful in your professional development. At the conclusion of the article it says “Don’t get comfortable in your ‘safe zone.’ Challenges are good. Facing challenges enables you to grow as a person and a professional. A successful day is a day that you learn at least one thing!” These are good words to live by both in your personal and professional development.

For more information on this topic, read the full article.

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