Program Spotlight: Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR

One of the hottest buzz words in healthcare right now is Electronic Health Records, or EHR. But does all the buzz mean there are career opportunities? And is it the right career for my friends and family? To help answer these questions, we’ve made Career Step’s Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR our program spotlight of the month.

Why Be a Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR Expertise?

  • Lots of opportunities – Healthcare is a huge industry, and the move to electronic records affects the entire industry—which means there will be lots of opportunities for you to take advantage of!
  • Preparation for the future – Electronic records are the way of the future with government healthcare reform and concerns about cost and patient safety. Prepare for that future now to ensure an edge in the job market!
  • Competitive salaries and benefits – Earn a good living. Medical administrative assistants earn over $32,000 a year on average and may also receive traditional employment benefits.

Why Career Step’s Program?

  • Hands-on software training – Our program includes hands-on training with industry-approved, government-certified EHR software so you’ll have hands-on experience before you graduate.
  • Credential preparation – Earning a credential can help you stand out in the job market, and upon graduation you’ll be ready to earn the CMAA and CEHRS credentials, and you’ll even receive free certification exam vouchers (a $210 value) upon graduation.
  • Flexible online training – Our flexible online format lets you study on the schedule that fits your life, and you can still be done in 6 months or less.

If you have any questions about our Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR program, leave us a comment below or send us an email at You can also find more details at or our Top 5 Reasons: Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR blog post.

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    A profession relating to health and medical career is a rewarding job but, also a tough one. It is important to know where you are passionate and pursue that dream of yours! Thank you for sharing this helpful information.

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