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Career Step has developed a host of resources to help you tell your contacts about the quality training programs we offer. There are a variety of materials available to download below, including PDF versions of the brochures, syllabi for each of the Career Step training programs, and banners that you can use on your personal blog or website. These resources are all designed to help you make the most of your participation in the Career Step Referral program.

Referral Web Page

As a participant in the Referral program,  you are given access to your own unique webpage that includes a general description of each of the programs and allows contacts to request more information. This can be found at (your 5-digit Referrer ID).

Referral Business Card Template

We’ve created customizable business cards just for you! Use this template to create and print your own Career Step Referrer business cards.

Student and Employer Reviews

Our reviews page makes it easy for your contacts to see what employers, students, and graduates have to say about Career Step training. You can also find more in-depth personal stories in our Graduate Success Library.


We have a number of videos that can provide your contacts the opportunity to meet the Career Step instructors, hear from students and grads on their experiences, take a guided tour of a training program, and more. We also have videos designed just for you to help improve your referral efforts.

Banners and Brochures

Here are a variety of materials available to download, including PDF versions of the brochures and syllabi for each of the Career Step training programs. These materials are great resources if you or your contacts have questions about any of the Career Step programs, and they can be printed or emailed. Click on a category below to access the available resources:

Referral Dashboard

Referrers can create a Referral Dashboard account at using your Referrer ID and the email address that is associated with your Referrer account. You are able to view how many individuals have requested information from Career Step (referred leads) and the individuals who have enrolled in one of our programs (referred enrollments).


Spread the word about Career Step in your community! We’ve developed a number of fliers for you that can be customized with your referral information. Use these on community boards in libraries, grocery stores, and other local gathering places.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the Referral program, please refer to our Referral program FAQ or send an email to

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