Referral Resource Round-Up

Resolving to get more referrals in 2013? A great place to start is reviewing the resources you have available to you—so we’ve put together this resource round-up for you!

1. Your Referrer Webpage
You should be intimately familiar with this page. Sending your contacts to your specific page helps ensure that you’ll get credit for them when they enroll in a qualifying Career Step program. You can access your page by visiting and replacing the last 5 digits with your own Referrer ID. If you’ve forgotten your Referrer ID, email me at, and I can look it up for you. Read our Why is Your Referrer Webpage Important? post for more information on how to use this page.

2. The Referral Resource Center
The Referral Resource Center is our library of resources. You’ll find brochures, web banners, ebooks, and more—all to help you better understand Career Step’s courses and provide tools you can use to share them with others. Don’t see a tool you’d like in the Resource Center? Leave a comment, and we’ll see what we can do to make it available!

3. Referral Webinar
Back in September we hosted a webinar to explain what the Referral Program is and talk through some tips on making it work for you. We recorded it so you can watch it even if you weren’t able to attend or if you want to review the information. Watch the webinar in our Referral Webinar Available On-Demand blog post.

4. Growing Career Step Video Library
One of the big things we’ve been working on in 2012 is increasing our Career Step video library. We’re working on creating a program tour (offering a peek inside the course) and a webinar (exploring the career and why Career Step is a great choice) for each of our training programs in addition to student and graduate testimonials and interviews with our instructors and graduate support advisors. This effort is still a work in progress, but so far we have program tours for our Medical Transcription, Medical Coding and Billing, and Pharmacy Technician programs; webinars for Medical Transcription and Medical Coding and Billing; and a variety of student and graduates testimonials. These videos will be great tools as you’re talking to others about the Career Step programs, allowing them to actually see inside the courses and hear from others who’ve chosen Career Step. The program tours can also be found on your referrer webpage.

5. Facebook
Many of our referrers have had a lot of success through Facebook—after all, you never know who might be interested in a new career. We’ve done a number of blog posts on using Facebook to increase your referrals. You can find specific ideas in The Power of Facebook post and even suggested Facebook posts in our Facebook Your Way to More Referrals post.

6. The Top 5 Series
You may or may not be a Career Step student or graduate, but either way it’s hard to know about all of the different Career Step programs and why each is a great choice for new students considering a career in that field. Over the last year, we published our Top 5 Reasons series, with each post highlighting a specific training program. Each of these posts gives you 5 reasons why students should choose the Career Step program. Read them here: Medical Transcription, Medical Coding and Billing, Pharmacy Technician, Computer Technician, Medical Billing, Medical Administrative Assistant, and Executive Assistant.

7. Career Step Social Media Channels
A great way to stay up to date on all of the latest Career Step news and resources is to follow us on our various social media channels. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Pinterest and Twitter, and subscribe to our channel on YouTube! These are also great places to send your contacts who are interested in learning a little bit more about Career Step, our students and graduates, and our programs.

We want to help you earn more, which is why we’ve taken the time to develop all of these resources. We have some pretty exciting new tools already slated for 2013, but feel free to post any you’d like to see in the comments below too!

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