Referral Webpage Enhancements

ScreenshotYou may have noticed a few changes on your referrer webpage recently. Your referral webpage is the easiest way for you to get referrals, so we try to refresh it whenever possible.  In the last couple of months we’ve made several improvements we hope you like!

First, we redesigned the site to make the videos more prominent. We’ve found that more and more people choose to enroll with Career Step based on our videos. Some people are inspired by the success stories of our students, while others simply enjoying being able to easily learn more about the courses. Whatever the case may be, we recognize the importance videos play in your referral efforts so we’ve featured the most popular ones on the home page and added specific program videos under each course section. (And of course all of our videos can still be found in the Media section.)

If you have friends or family interested in taking one of our courses, you can direct them to your referral webpage to watch the video. Anyone who requests more information from your referral webpage will automatically be tagged in our system with your referrer ID. This means that no matter when they enroll, whether it is next week or next year, you’ll still get credit! The videos on your referral webpage also contain your referrer ID. This makes it easy to share the videos via social media or email because all you have to do is find the video on your referral webpage and then simply copy and paste the video URL—it will already contain your referrer ID!

Mobile Friendly
Second, we’ve also made your referral webpage mobile friendly. More and more people are accessing information through mobile devices such as their smart phone or a tablet. While our full site is great to look at on a desktop, it can be a bit hard to navigate on your phone. We hope by making the pages more friendly with mobile devices it will be easier for you to share information with your friends and family.

We are always looking for ways we can improve the referral webpage. If you have an idea or suggestion on improvements that we can make to the site, leave us a comment below!

Reminder: Your referral webpage can be found at (with the x’s being replaced by the actual digits of your referrer ID). If you don’t remember your referrer ID, you can send an email to and we’ll be happy to look it up for you!

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