Why CareerStep is Perfect for Military Spouses

Posted on 08.13.2018

We are very excited that our MyCAA-approved programs include a laptop for all military spouses who sign up using this funding! This is a big deal because, with the online format of our CareerStep training programs, including laptops ensures that military spouses can study from anywhere they have an internet connection.

And while the included laptop is very exciting, this is just one of the reasons CareerStep is a great choice for military spouses. If you have friends or family in the military, you should let them know about the advantages of CareerStep training (and increase your referrals in the process.) Here are some quick facts about CareerStep’s courses you can share with them:

MyCAA approved

Through the DOD’s MyCAA funding, eligible military spouses can get training for free—yes, FREE!! With MyCAA, military spouses can get up to $4,000 to use towards their training. All of CareerStep’s courses meet MyCAA guidelines and cost less than $4,000 so it is possible for your friends who qualify to get quality training without paying a dime! For more information on MyCAA funding, you can check out our MyCAA Myths eBook.


CareerStep’s courses provide everything learners need to succeed. With our online courses, military spouses get the flexibility and portability needed with the military lifestyle. However, we also provide them with the following:

  • Laptop – To enhance the learning experience, CareerStep includes a laptop for all military spouses who are sign up for programs that include ebooks. This means our learners can take their course with them no matter where they travel. (Note: not all courses include ebooks but most do.)
  • Hands-on Experience – Our courses include useful, hands-on experience, which is why employers hire those who complete our training.
  • One-on-One Learner Support – Our learners have access to experienced advisors (who have actually worked in the industry learners are training for). Advisors are there to answer questions or just provide a little bit of motivation when learners hit a rough patch.

Career focused

CareerStep’s courses are designed to get individuals in, out, and working as quickly as possible. This is great news for the military spouse who need to start working right away. Our courses also prepare individuals for careers with job opportunities nationwide—something important for a military spouse who moves around frequently. Many of the careers we train for also have work-from-home opportunities such as medical transcription or medical coding and billing.