Referrer Spotlight: Allie Weber

My take on Career Step:

Allie WeberBefore my son was born, I tried another online school for a different program and struggled the whole way through, coming out barely passing. After my son was born, I realized that my priorities had changed entirely.  I really wanted to find a career that would allow me to not miss a single moment with my baby, so I decided to seek out ways to become a medical transcriptionist. In my search, I found a blog by a lady who had a wonderful experience with Career Step. After doing MUCH research, I felt comfortable enough to enroll with Career Step. Throughout my program with Career Step I was blown away by the instructors, the staff, the networking, the communication, let alone the program itself! After graduating with Honors, Career Step helped me through Placement Direct to acquire a job within a week!

I love sharing my experience with Career Step to anyone who will listen. If I even hear someone hint at changing careers or going back to school, I feel compelled to share the good news with them! I especially feel that it is my duty to help them out if they are a military spouse, like myself, or if they have a little one at home. I am always spreading “the good word” through word of mouth and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. I continue to check in with those who I have referred to Career Step in case they have any questions or need any help along the way. I have helped as many strangers jump on the Career Step bandwagon as I have friends! I am proud to be a Career Step graduate and really feel like I am doing something right by helping other people have the same experience as me.

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