Referrer Spotlight – Angela Coleman

I am a firm believer in the wonderful opportunity medical transcription offers—it’s helped me support my family and has given me the flexibility to do it from home—and with over a decade of experience in the medical transcription field, I can tell you that Career Step is the best way to prepare for a career in medical transcription.

I got started in medical transcription almost 20 years ago. I was at a crossroads in my life and had taken some time off to go to Atlanta, Georgia and clear my head. In my hotel room, I was thumbing through the newspaper when I noticed a job posting for a trained medical transcriptionist. Though I had no transcription training or medical experience, I was an excellent typist, and I ultimately got the job.

My new job was a challenge for me, but I wasn’t one to give up. I worked there for a year before I decided to move back home to Mississippi. Once I was back in my small town, I began looking for another job in medical transcription. Unfortunately, most medical facilities already had someone working on-site or were looking for someone with at least two years of experience—and of course, I only had one. I couldn’t find anyone who was willing to hire me, so I took another job with a goal of one day getting back into medical transcription.

About nine years after I moved back to Mississippi, I decided that I wanted to get back into medical transcription, and I started sending out resumes to various healthcare companies. An associate of mine recommended that I check with MedQuist (a large, national medical transcription company). I called and was told that when MedQuist had open positions, they would rather hire a Career Step graduate than a graduate of any other training program. In a twist of fate, I got a job from all those resumes I had been sending out before I could take the Career Step program. One job led to another that led to another, and here I am, almost 15 years later, still working from home as a medical transcriptionist.

In my years as a medical transcriptionist, I’ve seen many examples of good and not-so-good transcriptionists. Even when I was first starting out, I recognized that the medical transcriptionist who trained me was very inconsistent, and I knew that there had to be a better way. As I’ve gained experience and become more familiar with the Career Step course, I’ve come to respect and admire the way the Career Step training helps students gain the skills they need to be consistent, high-quality transcriptionists. I was one of the lucky few who, through sheer perseverance, lucked into a job in this industry without previous formal medical transcription training, but stories like mine are few and far between. This is why I began more actively promoting the Career Step program as a way for others to take advantage of the opportunity medical transcription offers.

Promoting Career Step has allowed me to help many people realize the opportunity medical transcription offers. I cherish the emails I get from people who have changed their lives for the better through Career Step training. For example, one Career Step grad wrote me to say “I didn’t really realize such a career existed before attending your seminar, or that I could get into that career so easily . . . this job has changed my life and made me happier with my job than I knew I could be.” I love the opportunity medical transcription offers and helping others take advantage of it, and I am a firm believer that Career Step gives students the tools they need to make their lives better.

My Top 5 Suggestions for Referrers
1. Always keep business cards on hand. I give one to practically everyone from the local cashier to the hotel attendant.
2. Set goals for yourself. In the past, my goal was to give out ten business cards a week and to talk to at least five people about my career as a MT.
3. Post as many fliers as you can with your affiliate webpage address—the local credit union, Wal-Mart bulletin board, etc.
4. Always be friendly and do not push. Give the new contact the tools that Career Step has given you. If a question is asked and you don’t have the answer, let them know that you will find the answer and promptly get back to them.
5. Remember that this is a work in progress. A new prospect might take a month or two or sometimes even longer. Just remember that you are planting seeds and watch them grow!

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