Referrer Spotlight: Angie Nelson

Angie Nelson

I started working from home as a virtual assistant in 2007. Shortly thereafter people started asking me what opportunities were available for them to work at home as well. I started as a place to share opportunities and home business ideas in an easy, friendly format. While my blog was originally started as just a personal space to share with my family and friends, it has grown over the years into a well-respected, popular blog for work at home women.

In addition to sharing interviews and ideas, I also share job leads several times per week. Remote medical transcription and coding openings are almost always on our list. While these are lucrative, legitimate telecommuting positions, many people don’t have the education or experience necessary to apply. Thankfully, that education is also available online—and with the flexibility most of us seek.

There are a lot of programs out there that advertise that they provide training in these fields. Unfortunately, many take the money of students and leave them with an unrecognized certificate and still unable to land one of these remote positions. That’s why I always recommend Career Step as an approved, recognized training solution when I share a transcription, coding, or billing position. Rather than leaving people discouraged that an opportunity is unavailable to them, they feel empowered by a solution and recommendation they can trust. And Career Step does a great job of converting those leads with their affordable tuition and flexible payment plans.

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