Referrer Spotlight: Anna Thurman

I’ve been blogging about work-at-home opportunities since 2010 at Real Ways to Earn. During this time I’ve done tons of research on various home-based careers to help educate my readers. And I’ve educated myself as well! There are more legit opportunities out there than I could have ever dreamed, and transcription is one of my favorites to write about.

Being honest, I’ve never been a transcriber. But because my site is about work-at-home jobs, I’ve had to learn quite a bit about the transcription industry to accurately share that information with readers. Medical transcription is a particularly popular choice because it’s non-phone, flexible work that can pay well. I soon discovered that it’s almost impossible to get work as a medical transcriber without training.

My research on medical transcription training quickly led me to Career Step. After reading up on the company and the training offered, it didn’t take long to realize that Career Step is the cream of the crop. I didn’t hesitate at all to get signed up for the referral program once I knew it existed.

For me, the most effective way to promote Career Step is within blog posts. While I do have a post about medical transcription that discusses Career Step in detail, I’ve found several other areas on my blog to promote it as well. Examples include a page I created with recommended courses, and a list I created with links to various medical transcription companies. I also occasionally mention Career Step to my subscribers when I send out my weekly newsletters.

I love promoting Career Step because I can earn additional blogging income by directing my readers towards a resource that is affordable, high-quality, and approved by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). I also love the fact that Career Step offers some job placement services after graduation—providing students with open job notifications and lists of various employers. Overall, it’s a win-win!

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