Referrer Spotlight: Ashley Reffey

Being a college student and a military spouse, I know the challenges faced by military spouses while trying to pursue their educational goals. Career Step programs are the perfect option for military spouses to pursue a career rather than just a job for themselves. All Career Step programs can be fully funded using MYCAA (grants for military spouses). Therefore, there are no out of pocket expenses incurred. Free education is highly unheard of these days!

I heard about Career Step through another military spouse who is completing a Bachelor’s degree as well as completing a Career Step program. I chose to complete the Pharmacy Technician Program because it is definitely something in high demand and I can take this no matter where we are stationed. I am currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration so this will definitely compliment my resume. During summer break next year I will also be completing a Medical Administrative Assistant program through Career Step.

I am part of several military spouse groups on Facebook so whenever someone is inquiring about college, I always respond with my experience using the MYCAA funding through Career Step. I offer to answer any questions they might have about the application process as well as any questions about the programs offered by Career Step. I give them the phone number to the advisers I have worked with. To my pleasant surprise, several of my friends have enrolled, completed programs, and have gotten successful careers with their Career Step education!  My Career Step experience has been so very rewarding.

Good luck to all!

– Ashley Reffey

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