Referrer Spotlight: Breanna Herrera

Referrer Spotlight Breanna HerreraGraduating from college has always been a dream of mine, but life just flew by once I graduated high school. I had to pay the bills, so I put college on the back burner and got a job as a waitress. I worked for a whole year before my boyfriend of 3 years, who had just graduated from the Air Force, proposed to me. Within 2 months, we were married in a simple yet sweet ceremony. A couple days after that, we packed up our car and drove across the country to my new husband’s first duty station.

Once we got settled into the new place, I decided it was time to either get a job or get enrolled into a school. At the end of my senior year of high school, I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted to do. And a year after graduating didn’t make it any easier.

There were so many options, and it all was overwhelming for me. Never in a million years would I have imagined myself in the medical field. I wanted to help people, but I have always felt uneasy around needles and blood. So I automatically knocked the medical field off of the table.

After a couple months of research, I discovered MyCAA, which is a program that provides free benefits to military spouses to obtain an education and a career that is PCS proof. I was so excited and immediately began looking for schools that would accept the benefits.

I did research on schools and programs for an entire month. There were so many schools and awesome programs, but the one school that I kept coming back to was Career Step, which shockingly had mostly medical careers. I was stunned to find myself constantly drifting back to the Career Step website. I read all of the student and referrer spotlights, which really encouraged me to move forward with trying to get into this school.

I thoroughly researched all the programs it provided and, of course, took the Career Quiz. All the signs pointed to Medical Transcription and Editing. I liked the idea of being able to help people without having to see the needles or the blood. I also really liked that I had the opportunity to work from home if I wanted to. I got full support from my husband, and I tried to enroll the next day. The enrollment process was super easy, mostly because the advisor walks you through every single step. Within 2 hours, I was enrolled and given access to the course.

I told everyone about Career Step’s programs and everything they offered. Eventually, I was able to help another military spouse and a friend get their education and careers started with Career Step. Hopefully I can encourage you to enroll and jump start your own education and career.

Now, I’ve been enrolled in Career Step for a year, I have been married for almost 2 years, and we have 2 fur-babies. So far, I feel that I have learned all there is to know to become a successful medical transcriptionist and editor. I’m not going to lie; I definitely had those days when I wanted to give up because the dictation was difficult or I felt like I would never finish a block of reports, but I kept telling myself that no matter how slow I go or how hard it gets, I just need to keep going. I haven’t completed my program yet, but I am almost there!

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