Referrer Spotlight – Doralynn Kennedy

Doralyn KennedyI own a small job service that specializes in work-from-home jobs. A lot of the jobs that were coming in were for medical transcriptionists. Before that point, I didn’t even know what a medical transcriptionist was. But I was so curious about all of these job posts, that I decided to look into medical transcription for myself. One small company that I did business with allowed me to test for a position. I didn’t pass, of course, but I did learn something. And what I learned was that I wanted to be a medical transcriptionist.

After that I decided to check into various training programs. It seemed that everyone was recommending Career Step, and I decided to enroll in the course. I really enjoyed my training with Career Step. In fact, it soon became an obsession, and I looked forward to logging in everyday and studying. I especially loved it when I made it to the actual transcriptions. Those transcriptions were challenging, exciting and fun. I absolutely loved doing them. I soon found my favorite reports to transcribe, and those where the psych reports. I was completely fascinated by them. It took about ten months for me to complete the course, and I graduated with High Honors. I was so excited when I learned what my scores were.

I immediately started applying with several transcription companies, and within three weeks, I had three job offers. Every company that offered me a position all spoke highly of Career Step graduates; and as a student, I spoke highly of Career Step as well.

It was an easy transition—moving from Career Step student to Career Step referrer. This was something I knew about and believed in. When I talk to people about Career Step, my enthusiasm shows. It’s obvious that I believe in this school.

Career Step is easy to promote because so many people are looking for careers that not only pay well but are meaningful, and healthcare fits that double bill.

There are so many ways to promote Career Step, but because I own a job service, I primarily promote Career Step through my business. Many of my clients have become Career Step students as a result. I have also done interviews online and written articles about medical transcription. I link to my referrer webpage in these interviews and articles, and I have enrolled quite a few students this way. I also talk about Career Step with everyone who seems even remotely interested, and I place classified ads. I find that as a referrer, I just need to get the word out. Career Step is such a great program that it sells itself. What could be better than that?

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