Referrer Spotlight: Gertrude Hurd

I always saw Career Step advertisements and felt they looked so professional and really caught my attention. The staff is always very kind and I knew it was a great company I should do work with. I love sharing the grants that Career Step accepts; such as MyCAA with military spouses. It is amazing how many military spouses do not know of this special grant for them yet. I believe it is very important that military spouses learn of this and do something for themselves since they typically hold down the home-front while their spouses are deployed, training, and during moves all over the world.

I love the tools and resources Career Step provides to help their referrer program members share this amazing opportunity! I am very impressed with how military-friendly they are and how helpful they are to their referral program members. To share Career Step to others, I typically post ads on my personal Facebook page and then share in many other groups online to help spread the word!

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