Referrer Spotlight: Janice Schmidt

Janice SchmidtI enrolled in Career Step’s medical transcription course for several reasons. I wanted something I could train for without too much time and expense. I wanted to be able to work from home so I could stay home with my children that I planned to have in the future. And I wanted a portable career so I wouldn’t have to look for a new job when my husband’s work moves him, which happens every few years. I found all these in medical transcription.

I took about a year to complete the course and graduated with high honors. I have found three different part time jobs without any difficulty. I have been very successful in my medical transcription career, even putting my husband through private college and enabling him to graduate debt free.

When I heard about Career Step’s Referral Program I decided to sign up but never expected to do anything with it. At most I thought that one of my friends might be interested at some point and at least I could benefit a little bit if they signed up under me. I shared the link to my referral site on Facebook a couple times. I would also post things occasionally about what I do for work and tell people about my career in person if they asked what I did.

A number of people asked me questions about medical transcription and eventually a few did sign up under me which was exciting. I kept getting more questions (usually via email or Facebook) about the training and the career. I got tired of typing up the same answers over and over again so I decided to post all the questions and answers I got on a website so if people wanted information I could first point them to my website and only have to write up answers for new questions. So I started this website: and filled it with links to my Career Step referral page.

Then I realized if I could get people I had never met to visit my site I could get even more referrals. I did several things to get traffic to my website. I added a blog to it so that I could get subscribers (via email, Facebook, RSS, etc.).  If people subscribe to the blog I have a way to keep reminding them about Career Step, as every time I write a blog post they will be notified of it. I haven’t blogged much, as it really isn’t my thing, but if I get back into posting from time to time I could promote my website better. Another thing I did was become involved in some online mommy forums. There are sections of the forums dedicated to work and business, including boards just for work at home opportunities. I promoted Career Step wherever I could via these forums, though I was careful not to spam any boards and only posted where allowed/appropriate. I also put a link to my website in my signature line so every single post I made in any part of the forum could direct people to my website. I have also made a Pinterest board where I post some links to my website and other things of interest to medical transcription.

I have not invested a lot of time recently in updating or promoting my website, Facebook page, or Pinterest board, but I think I have already made enough money off referrals to have more than paid for my Career Step education. I look forward to refining and promoting my website even more and expanding my success!

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