Referrer Spotlight: Kacee Fridley

KaceeHey everyone my name is Kacee, I found out about Career Step through one of my support pages on facebook. I am a military spouse, so all of us spouses try to look out for each other and when we find out about great opportunities we share them, like Career Step for instance. I immediately became interested when I talked to my enrollment advisor, Katherine. I’m not sure what caught my attention most – the opportunity to get a look into the medical field, learning medical lingo or being able to do everything 100% online. Being a military spouse we move a lot, and lots and lots of changes happen so having schooling and a job that will be online and on my own time makes it perfect for any sudden changes or moves the military throws our way. I am well on my way into my course and I absolutely love it! I think using note cards is a huge plus for me as well – it helps me mostly on the chapter tests and everything.

I refer people mostly because I am trying to help others learn about such a wonderful opportunity – military spouse or civilian – Career Step is a great opportunity for busy lives. I post it on my facebook status, send it to people in text messages and emails as well to get the word out. I also post it on my military support sites and local sites for people to meet each other. Sharing such a great thing makes me feel good, and also opens the doors for other people to do greater things. Many people think just because they have children or no transportation that they can’t do anything, and this opens the door for people to do something, and feel like they’re making a difference in their lives.

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