Referrer Spotlight: Kelly Land

Referrer Kelly Land

As someone who has blogged about working from home since 1999 (Yes! That long!), I have seen it all. My blog was the first real work-at-home resource for women wanting to work from home—and back in 1999, there wasn’t much out there in the way of working at home.

Of course that has changed over the last 17 years. And along the way I have had the pleasure of being able to work at home as a writer, a customer service rep, and even a freelance photographer! I’ve also had the absolute joy of sharing work-from-home jobs with other moms just like me. I’ve never lost my passion or enjoyment for helping others find their dream jobs or a job that creates better work/life balance.

One of the most rewarding discoveries along my journey has been Career Step. I’ve seen so much “junk” out on the internet that leads to costly mistakes for people like you and I. We’re lured in by talk of amazing careers and BIG salaries, and it ends up being a dead end. Not only that… a huge waste of time.

This is one of the main reasons I promote Career Step. I’ve seen their courses. I’ve watched their interviews, read their referral comments, and would consider it for myself if I ever decided to move my career in a direction Career Step offers.

The virtual world is wide open right now. There is so much opportunity. And yes, there are always jobs out there that require little or no training, but why not snag one that you love and that you’re well trained for? To me that’s not only a better goal, but it’s also a very attainable one with the right education and training.

I get emails every day at asking if there are real work-at-home transcription jobs, medical billing jobs, and virtual assistant jobs. My response is always a resounding yes! I see them every day when I am researching. If you’re someone that would love to work from home (or even if you don’t want to work from home) being prepared and qualified are your best arsenal when applying. Career Step training is an excellent way to bolster that arsenal and put you ahead of other potential candidates.

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