Referrer Spotlight: Kelly Rothermel

I really enjoy sharing about my experience with Career Step and the good balance it has of being “easy” yet hard enough to know you are really learning.  I loved the support through the forums and the staff.  I enjoyed the go-at-your-own pace it provided.  So sharing about it has been quite easy.  As far as after training, I love the flexibility medical transcription provides.  I like not having to be always tied down on a set schedule so I can do the things I care about most.

The number one way I have found that works for me to share is simply by word of mouth.  I’ve had many friends and relatives (even my chiropractor’s wife) ask questions.  Another way I’ve been sharing is through my healthy-living blog (

Do you belong to a mom’s group?  A ladies Bible study?  A school committee?  The gym?  Try to be creative and find ways to bring up your job.  Of course, no one reacts well to someone who is pushy, so watch that you don’t get into the “sales person” mentality.  Also while I LOVE my job, I don’t try to sugar coat reality.  Like any job out there, it’s not perfect (but it’s probably close, haha) and will not work for everyone.  Most importantly, keep doing what you love and have fun!

-Kelly Rothermel

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