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Lyndi MoonI am happy to say that I love being a medical transcriptionist and I have Career Step to thank for it!!!  I enrolled in the course in 2005 while living in a small community with very few job opportunities.  With a history in secretarial work, a ‘typing job’ appealed to me.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that a medical transcriptionist was more than just a typist.  However, the lessons were very well organized and easy to follow.  Near the end of the course, I took part in the Spheris Training Track and was hired by Spheris right away after graduating with High Honors.  I felt very fortunate to begin my new career in acute care work.  It was interesting and challenging.

Soon after completing the course, I became a referrer for Career Step.  When friends and family learned of my work-at-home job, they wanted to hear more about it.  I was happy to share my experience with others … I knew that if I could do it, anyone could do it!!!  I had personal experience with the course and actually working as an MT.  I felt completely prepared when I began working.  I was able to hit the ground running—thanks to Career Step.  Exactly two years into working as an MT, I tested for my CMT exam.  Becoming credentialed right away also solidified the fact that Career Step offers quality education and the ability to be successful in this field.

I try many different avenues to spread the word about Career Step.  I have passed out business cards, placed classified ads, and handed out pamphlets as well as posting on social networking sites and work-at-home-mom forums.  I am also active in a local component of AHDI and meet prospective students that way.  However, I find that word of mouth alone is truly a great way to advertise!!!!

Lyndi Moon, CMT

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  1. Carol Frost says:

    This was very encouraging. I am just beginning my journey. I am 66 years old retired RN and need some extra income but don’t want to leave the home to go to work. I am looking forward to learning this new career! Carol Frost RN

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