Referrer Spotlight: Robin Desatoff

Robin Desatoff

I heard about Career Step in 2007 from my friend at work who was enrolled in the course. I had a 1-year-old baby and was desperate to find a legitimate job I could do from home. My husband’s schedule was unpredictable so I needed a job I could do from home around our busy lives. I was skeptical when I heard about Career Step. I was worried it was a scam or that I wouldn’t find work. The testimonials on the website really convinced me that this could work for our family. Once I enrolled in the course, I committed 100% and finished in 4 months, even before my coworker did!

The benefits for me of Career Step were the flexibility of the online setting and the very supportive staff. If I ever had questions or needed something, the Career Step staff was always helpful.

I have been working as an MT now for 8 years, and it has been such a blessing to our family. I can be home with my boys and earn money at the same time.

One other benefit has been sharing the school with friends. I don’t have to work at getting referrals, it just happens naturally. Once someone finds out I work from home, they want to know all about it. Who wouldn’t want to work from home? I’ve referred at least five friends who also want the benefits I enjoy!

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