Referrer Spotlight: Shelby Inman

Shelby InmanAfter becoming a military wife and moving away from my job, I didn’t want to lose my independence just because I didn’t know anyone well enough to watch my daughter so I could continue working. I started searching for an online job that worked well with my schedule and that I didn’t have to pay to start up (i.e. Scentsy, Pink Zebra, Avon, etc.). Luckily, I found a career called medical transcription.

Once I found out you need schooling for it, I almost gave up until an ad on Facebook popped up on my newsfeed. The ad was about Career Step being a school for medical transcription, and it said that Army spouses could use their MyCAA grant for the school. So I started searching again, thinking the grant could be a possible scam.

Thank goodness it wasn’t a scam! After researching it thoroughly and talking it over with my husband, we decided to give my possible schooling venture to become a medical transcriptionist/editor a try. I can’t say how many online schools I researched, wrote down, emailed, and talked to before I decided Career Step was the best school for me and our hectic schedule.

I became so excited about the whole thing that I started telling everyone about it. I had as many as six enrollments in one month! I wanted to help others be able to work at home so they could enjoy their time as stay-at-home mothers, choose their schedules, go to school for free (through their MyCAA grant), and be able to be home when their husbands were home. I also loved the fact that not only does Career Step help you find a job after your schooling but that they have chats with potential employers while you’re still taking your classes. All of the girls I helped enroll saw the potential in those reasons and are just as excited as I am about training with Career Step. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to help others enroll while getting paid cash during school as well!

I am so thankful for this opportunity Career Step has given me to be able to stay at home with my daughter, and son who is due in May, while going to school and working from home. I couldn’t have even imagined a better school to go through than Career Step.

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