Referrer Spotlight: Stella Hammond

Stella HammondIn December of 2008, I left active duty to give birth to our daughter.  My family had to learn how to live off of one military income instead of two.  I already knew about Career Step since my oldest sister had completed the Medical Transcription course a few years back and had been transcribing from home ever since.  Money was tight then and we just didn’t have enough money saved up for me to attend school.  When my sister called me one day to let me know that Career Step had partnered up with the MyCAA program which would allow me to enroll in classes for free, I jumped at the opportunity and signed myself up for the Medical Transcription course in June 2009.  I have been working through the program for 2 years now and hope to have the courses completed by the end of this year.  I love that the courses are self-paced.  It allows me to work school around my busy schedule instead of forcing me to shift my life around a strict class schedule.

I didn’t really get started referring people until a couple of months ago.  After talking to some of the Army spouses here on my post, I realized that many had never heard of Career Step or the MyCAA program.  Once I told them how they could go to school completely at home, at their own pace, and for free, many asked for my help to get them started with the enrollment process.  After the positive response I got from this post, I started reaching out to military spouses at other posts through several military forums I am active on.  They too were interested in hearing more about Career Step and the courses they had to offer.  I stick with them through the whole process, starting with the application for MyCAA approval and even answer any questions that I can after they start their courses.  I also encourage people to use the course demo link on my referral page because it shows them what the courses will be like.  That way they can decide if the courses are something that they would enjoy doing.  The programs Career Step offers really speak for themselves, which makes it easy to get so many other people excited about enrolling.

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