Referrer Spotlight – Stephanie Foster

I got my start as a medical transcriptionist 9 years ago. I was fortunate to have an older sister working in transcription for MedQuist already, and she trained me. But as soon as I started working, and mentioning to people what I did, I had people asking me how they could do the same. I was quite aware that some sort of training was required to get a job in this industry, so I started researching medical transcription schools. I soon found that Career Step had a great combination of quality and price, and was preferred by my own employer.

I sent referrals to Career Step for a couple years before I discovered they had a referral program… oops! On the other hand, having chosen Career Step without financial incentive makes me feel great about being paid for referrals now. I know it’s an honest opinion.

I run a website for people who want to work at home, which came about as a natural extension of all the questions I answered about doing medical transcription. I still get a lot of people emailing me asking for advice on medical transcription as a career, and I know just what to tell them.

My advice for people wanting to refer more people to Career Step is to always be ready to talk about it. I’ve talked with random people in the food court at the mall who just happened to sit with me at the table and start talking. Once they hear that I work at home, they’re ready to talk possibilities. You never know when you’ll make a connection.

Having a website that gives great information and builds trust helps too. Don’t hype up the possibilities. Share your honest opinions and be ready to answer questions by email. If people trust you, they will trust your recommendation.

I also talk to family members about what Career Step has to offer. It’s not a lot of referrals, but some have come from family members telling friends or coworkers who want to be medical transcriptionists to email me for more information.

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