Referrer Spotlight: Terry Didato

Terry DidatoIn 2010, the company where I worked announced they would be closing their doors on Dec. 31st.  I had worked for the company for 10 years.  Not only did I work there, but my husband did as well along with about 700 others from our small town.  I found myself at 50 years old having to find a new career.  I needed a career that I knew I would be able to find a job in once my training was complete.  I had to ask myself, “could I go back to school at my age and be able to handle it?”

I had seen that a friend of mine had taken a course through Career Step and she suggested I check them out.  I researched a lot of places and found that Career Step was highly recommended.  Career Step offers several courses in the medical field.  I could not decide on just one so with the help of my advisor I enrolled into Inpatient/Outpatient Medical Billing and Coding as well as Medical Transcription Editor.  The whole process was so simple that within a week or so I was on my way to learning a new career.  The greatest part was that you have no schedule to stick to, you work from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.  There is no worrying when something unexpected comes up and you can’t make it to class, there is no classroom!  You have plenty of time to finish the course and can set a schedule that will work for your needs.

I was so excited to share this treasure I found and wanted my friends where I used to work to be able to take advantage of this great opportunity as well and learn a new career from Career Step.  I posted daily to my Facebook page about how easy the process was, and the different courses they offered.  Every time I signed on, someone was asking me for more information.  Within a day or so, I think I had sent a couple people to my advisor, I was not even aware of the referral program at the time.  He sent me an email saying thanks for the referrals, you have earned $600!!!  I was so shocked, that same day I received an email explaining how the referral program worked.  Since the end of June, there have been over 40 enrollments that I have referred to Career Step, that is over $10,000 I have earned for simply spreading the word on how great and easy Career Step is to enroll in. Think about it, when you look at all that Career Step has to offer, between course offerings, available discounts, and the amazing referral program; not to mention knowledgeable advisors, and a quality education, how could anyone say no.

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