REPORT: State of the Medical Transcription Industry

There’s a lot of chatter surrounding the current state of the medical transcription industry. We’ve received questions from many of you as well as prospective students, current students, and graduates asking whether medical transcription is still a viable career option. This doubt and uncertainty is in direct contrast to what we’re hearing from our employer partners—they keep asking for more graduates! There just aren’t enough to fill their hiring needs!

But we know it’s easy for us to just say that the industry is alive and well. You need credible resources that SHOW your contacts that medical transcription is still a great career choice for those who want to work at home. So we’re proud to announce our State of the Medical Transcription Industry campaign. We’ll be working on this initiative over the next few months and will eventually have a wide variety of resources available for you.

So far, we’ve published a new ebook on the subject. Announced in this press release, the Top 5 Medical Transcription Myths ebook addresses several misconceptions we frequently hear from those considering (or not considering as the case may be) a medical transcription career:

  1. Medical transcription is going the way of the dinosaurs. Doctors just do it themselves now.
  2. All of the medical transcriptionists at our local hospital just got laid off. There are no jobs in my area for medical transcriptionists.
  3. You don’t need extra education to be a medical transcriptionist—as long as you can type well, you’re good to go.
  4. I want to work from home, but it’ll be years before that’s a possibility.
  5. If I’m working at home, I need special software or equipment to be a medical transcriptionist.

Make sure you check out the ebook, so you have the correct answers when your contacts express these concerns.

We’re also working with AHDI (the leading medical transcription industry association) and several large industry employers (M*Modal, Nuance, and Amphion) to put together a video and white paper highlighting their views of the future of the industry.

The AHDI annual conference and exhibit is this week (July 31-Aug 3) in Orlando, Florida, and during the conference we’ll be hosting a panel discussion with representatives from each of these organizations. This panel will offer an honest, candid look at the state of the industry from some of its biggest players. We’re going to film the entire discussion and will be providing a short video summary as well as footage of the entire thing for you to use. This discussion will also be a kick off for the development of a white paper (think ebook but a little more formal) on the state of the industry as well as an infographic coming in the fall.

Even in these early phases of this campaign, we’ve already heard from employers, industry experts, and industry educators that they believe medical transcription has a bright future. Several have even expressed concerns that the industry is headed toward a shortage of certified medical transcriptionists. We hope that this campaign will enable you to share the good news about the medical transcription industry with those you talk to.

Are you excited for these coming resources? Are there any that we haven’t thought of that you’d like to see?


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2 thoughts on “REPORT: State of the Medical Transcription Industry

  1. Ernesto K. Evangelista says:

    I work in a university hospital in Saudi Arabia. I’ve had happy moments before in our Medical Transcription Department, along with my colleagues. Then, this so-called ‘voice recognition system’ came along. Medical transcriptionists were scattered around the hospital as department secretaries or merely clerks! The Arabs believe that the voice recognitio system fit to a ‘T’ without any errors. Anyway, to these people – spellings, grammars, errors in spellings of medical terms do not matter at all. In as long as a medical report is typed – that’s it! Currently, I was assigned by the management to our university medical journal as a member of its editorial staff.

    • Anne Turner says:

      Ernesto, thank you for sharing your experience! We have found that while the medical transcription field is becoming more competitive, the need for transcription editors rises as well. Congratulations on your position!

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