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We’re always hearing from successful graduates who tell us that training with Career Step helped them change their lives. They tell us about successfully completing the program, getting a job, improving their families’ lives, being proud of the change they’ve made for themselves, and more. Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

One of the best ways to celebrate your success is to share it. Have you told your friends and family about the difference Career Step training has made in your life? Sometimes just hearing a friend’s success can be the motivation someone needs to make a big change for the better in their own life. Telling others about your Career Step experience when you’re still in the program is also a great way to secure a study buddy! Check out this comment one of our referrers sent us:

“I talked to the gal I work with today, and she said that she is in the process of getting started with Career Step. I am super happy for her…and I’m excited because she said that she’s going to be doing the Medical Billing and Coding [like me] so I’m hoping that maybe I might be able to help her along or if she catches up to me then perhaps we can study together.”

When you’re doing something big in your own life, you want everyone else to know about it. Share your Career Step success with those around you and help your friends prepare for a bright new future!

What’s your Career Step success story? Have you helped others improve their lives by sharing your story?

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