Show Me The Money!

Our Referral Program is all about you getting paid. Our goal is to help you earn as much as possible; however, there are a few instances where we can’t offer a referral payout. Every now and then, these situations are worth reviewing so that at the end of the month you can say, “Show me the money!” with confidence.

These are situations to watch out for…

• When your referral enrolls through one of Career Step’s academic partners. We have partnerships with over 150 colleges and universities nationwide that offer our programs through their institutions. However, we are legally prohibited from offering any type of incentivized program for enrollments through these institutions.

• When your referral enrolls in a Career Step program that doesn’t qualify. Career Step offers different types of programs. Most of our offerings are career-training programs—they’re designed to prepare students for a new career. However, we also have continuing education type courses. These programs do not qualify for a referral payout. Current Career Step continuing education courses that do not qualify include Medical Transcription Editor Supplement, RMT Exam Prep, and all of the Microsoft Office courses.

• When your referral is a resident of North Carolina and qualifies for the tuition assistance offered by the State. The state of North Carolina offers a significant tuition assistance subsidy for students who take Career Step programs through our academic partners in the state. For example, students can take the Medical Transcription Editor program, normally $2,695, for $350. We encourage all students in North Carolina to take advantage of this opportunity, and since they all then enroll through academic partners, we run into the first situation we outlined and we cannot offer a referral payout.

• When you incentivize someone to enroll with Career Step. As a referrer, you are not authorized to offer any incentives—other than the promotions we run as a school—to encourage others to enroll in a Career Step program. Your referrals need to be people who have decided to enroll without any additional incentives from you and who fully intend to work through the entire program.

• When a referral is YOU. This one is pretty obvious. =) You cannot refer yourself to Career Step.

You can find more information on the types of referrals that do and don’t qualify for payouts in our Terms and Conditions. You can also contact us at if you ever have any questions. We’d be more than happy to help you out!

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