Student Review: Lillian Desoto

Lil DesotoHello everyone! My name is Lillian and I’m a current student of Career Step in the Medical Transcription Editor program. I’m excited to share my story!

Let’s begin with a bit of background. I had planned to go to nursing school while I worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  After I graduated and became a CNA, I found that my time was needed in my own family.  My husband had to go in for a total hip replacement (along with various other surgeries), and my mother was ailing in her final years.  My CNA skills became very useful, very quickly.  I traveled back and forth from Oregon to Alabama to care for my mother, all while also taking care of my husband too.  This continued for around 6 years and when it came time to focus on myself again, I was 60 years old and had no income.  I had to decide what to do. 

I researched medical professions because they have always been a dream.  I knew I did not want to commute because the amount of traffic on the roadways was multiplying like rabbits.  I went to the computer to research what was available for working from your home.  I found several online schools offering MT skills.  I signed up to receive information from them all.  Then, I very thoroughly checked out each one for cost and what they had to offer for online training. Career Step beat out the others on the cost and reputation.  I liked their option of helping you gain employment after graduation, and I also appreciated their Veteran preference. 

Career Step hasn’t let me down in any way.  If I ever have any questions or problems with my computer, there is always someone to help me quickly.  The forum is composed of other students that are in the same boat you are.  I have made many friends on the forums so I do not find myself all alone, and the working graduates keep in touch after they are working to cheer us on.

This course is not easy; the skills are unique and must be learned.  We all encourage each other to be persistent. I look on it as learning a musical instrument; while I am learning, I do not see it, but it really is all slowly coming together.

I am getting close to the end, and I kind of hate to lose Career Step as part of my life.  It has been a very good relationship.  I have no regrets attending Career Step.  This is an honorable institution, and I feel very secure going into the workforce with the training I have received from them.

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