Success Starts on Sunday

mother and daughterSuccessful Sundays make for good-day Mondays.

Mondays present unique opportunities to get your week off to a great start and to make you feel energized and motivated, ready to triumph over your to-do list for the week. Previously, we explored several simple tips to do just that: wake up early, eat a good breakfast, exercise a little, get to work early, review your goals, prioritize, and visualize your success. (In case you missed reading the article Today is a Good Day for a Good Day, you can read it here.) While these tips by themselves are helpful, you’ll find you get even more out of them by dialing back the clock a bit and starting your success on Sunday!

Your initial reaction might be, ‘Wait, you want me to start thinking about work before my weekend is even over?! Are you crazy?’ Don’t worry, that’s exactly what I do not want you to do. In fact, to make for a good-day Monday, get as far away from work as you possibly can and focus on everything except work. Here are a few suggestions:

Spend time with those you love.
Much of our week is spent shouting reminders as ones walk out the door, quickly dropping one child off here while picking up another one there, and more-or-less seeing each other in passing. Use Sunday to spend quality time with your family and friends, really listening to them and enjoying their company.

Make Sunday your fun day.
You don’t need to plan some extravagant trip into the city for Broadway shows and limo rides to have a little fun. Ask yourself and those you plan on spending your Sunday with what they’d really like to do. Game night, zoos and aquariums, planetariums, art classes, and so many other ordinary wonders can make Sunday evening memorable.

Exercise a little or exercise a lot.
It’s no secret that exercising boosts our mood and helps us sleep better. There are a lot of ways to get our body moving without having to sweat in front of other sweaty people (or hey, if that’s your thing, ‘rock on’). Hiking, bowling, kayaking, biking—the options are endless and can be as exciting as you make them.

Take time for rest and relaxation.
Don’t go overboard and make Sunday a hectic day of people to see and things to do. Balance it out with some R&R: read a book, write an email, watch a movie, go for coffee, or hit the spa. Do something that serves no other purpose than to help you refuel and relax for the week ahead.

Whatever you do, don’t make Sunday a day of dread, worrying about the work week and mourning the loss of the weekend. Instead, make it one of joy and relaxation, taking time to care for yourself, your family, and your friends so that you can feel satisfied and fulfilled about your life outside of work before waking up Monday morning to put your ‘work face’ on.

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