Learner Spotlight: Elizabeth Foster

Posted on 07.16.2021

Learner Spotlight Elizabeth Foster

CareerStep Learner Spotlight: Elizabeth Foster

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This is a running series of powerful interviews with previous learners where they share their dreams, struggles, and successes in hopes they can inspire your own career journey…

It’s funny how specific circumstances shape our futures. For Elizabeth Foster, one of our former medical coding and billing learners, a chronic illness prevented her from realizing her life-long dream of becoming a scientist. Leaving her home for work every day simply wasn’t an option, but she refused to give up entirely and sacrifice her independence. She needed to get creative and find a career path that would allow her to work remotely while bringing in enough income to stay self-sufficient.

So she got to work.

She started doing some research and discovered there was a lot of opportunity in medical coding and billing. All she needed now was some guidance, training, and support.

And that’s when she found CareerStep.

Check out the short video below to learn more about Elizabeth’s journey and how a better career can lead to a better life.