Tech Troubles?

Ever run into an issue with your computer after CareerStep’s business hours?

CareerStep provides technical support to our students during business hours; however, what if you are working during a weekend, a holiday, or sometime in the middle of the night and need assistance?  You can always send an email or leave a voicemail and wait for the work week to begin, the holiday to close, or for the sun to come up to receive a response. Or you could use the NEW technical support tree.

This additional feature has being created to provide students with additional support in another format.  It is particularly exciting because it makes it easy for you fine viable solutions to the issue at hand. It is a self-serve type of service, similar to some grocery stores’ self-check option.  Our technical support tree is still a work in progress and is not yet fully operational, but we are so excited to show you some of the beginnings.

Lists of common questions and issues are shown in the tool, and once a few options have been selected to clarify the issue, specific steps and instructions are given to demonstrate how to solve the issue.  Several visual step-by-step instructions are also being developed to provide clarification to the steps since it is always nice to “see” the steps clearly.

Want to see if for yourself? Check out our new technical support tree at: Please remember that it is still a work in progress, and we are still making adjustments to fine tune this tool.

We are also building a student support tree that will provide answers to common questions, which you can find at The first step in the decision tree is to select your program, and we are currently building it from there. Keep in touch to see the development and progress of this tool.

Kudos to our Technical Support department for being innovative and creating new solutions!

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2 thoughts on “Tech Troubles?

  1. Christie Bower says:

    I am trying to login into my course to work on it. It only comes up to the home page and it is blank. The address says and a whole bunch of numbers and letters after it. I need this problem fixed. I have already restarted my computer and the internet works fine. The problem is on your end and it needs to be fixed pronto.

    • mbunderson says:

      Christie, I apologize for the problems you experienced logging in. Everything should be fixed and working at this point. Please call technical support if you experience any other technical issues at 888-657-5761 or email They should be able to get back to you quickly.

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