The Power of Facebook

FacebookFacebook is everywhere. The majority of websites have some kind of link to Facebook, you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone updating their status from their phone, and I even saw a car commercial last week that used Facebook connectivity as its main selling point. All of this demonstrates Facebook’s popularity and its potential to be a powerful marketing tool.

Because Facebook is so focused on your relationships with individuals, it can be a particularly powerful tool in word-of-mouth marketing. For example, one referrer mentioned Career Step in a Facebook post and had about 20 friends respond with questions about the training. This gave her the opportunity to talk about Career Step with friends who she didn’t even know were interested in a new career or going back to school.

As a company, we recognize that we haven’t been as active as we could be or should be on Facebook, and we’re by no means the experts in this area. But as we evaluate our Facebook strategy and put our plans into action, we wanted to share a few of our ideas with you and see what you had to say on the subject.

Our suggestions on using Facebook in your referral efforts include:

  • Posting a link to your Career Step webpage on your profile. (You can add this in the Contact Information section of your profile.)
  • “Like” the Career Step Facebook page.
  • Include it in your conversation. You never know who might be looking for a new career, and while you don’t want to come across as really sales-y, there are plenty of ways to include the Career Step opportunity in a conversation without being pushy.

What do you think? What are some ways you use (or could use) Facebook to share your Career Step experience?

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