The Top 7 Computer Skills for a Standout Tech Career

These days, there seems to be a new model out the moment after you buy the hottest tech—odds are the device you are reading this on is already outdated. Though unfortunate for your new phone, this is great for your career as a computer technician.

Develop these 7 skills—and keep them up-to-date—and your tech career will always be the latest and greatest.

1. Hardware
Computer techs must be pros at installing, repairing, and troubleshooting computer hardware and peripherals. This includes understanding motherboard and CPU socket specs, motherboard slots, RAM types and speeds, and hard drives. And, of course, it’s essential to keep up on new and upcoming hardware technology and upgrades.

2. Software
A big part of a computer technician’s job is installing and upgrading software applications. With a thorough knowledge of software programs, updates, and hardware compatibility, you will be a work place hero, saving coworkers from computer frustration and presentation embarrassment.

3. Troubleshooting
Computer techs solve all kinds of computer problems for every brand, model, and program under the sun, so fast troubleshooting skills are key. Thankfully, Google is there to help quickly find solutions, but the more acquainted you are with brands, forums, and useful search lingo, the more effective you will be.

4. MS Office
As a computer tech, it is extremely important to have more than rudimentary knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. You may be required to create complex macros for users or perform advanced functions on Microsoft Outlook. You may even be asked to teach others how to use these programs. At the very least, be aware of these applications’ advanced features, capabilities, and shortcuts so you can easily brush up on skills when the time comes.

5. Viruses
Last year’s computer virus epidemic reached nearly 1 million daily new malware threats. Yikes. Viruses and cyber-attacks are a reality, and computer techs must be extremely adept at removing them from machines and knowing how to prevent contamination. This includes staying informed on new virus trends that develop as fast as the new technology they infect.

6. Networks
In our Wi-Fi world, computer techs must know how to set up a wireless network with a modem, router, printer, computers, and other devices. This includes expertise in IP addresses, Gateway, applying encryption, understanding signal strength, and more.

7. Certification

Though not a skill on its own, certification proves that you have the knowledge that matters. Getting certified is one of the best ways to advance your IT career. Look for certifications like CompTIA A+, a requirement for many computer repair technician jobs.

Not yet a computer technician but interested in jumping into this booming industry? Enroll in a program such as Career Step’s Computer Technician training program. It will ensure you have all the skills for a certification exam and a successful career where you are the latest and greatest thing for employers.

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