The Value of Certificate Programs in an Easy-to-Share Video

As a Career Step referrer of course you understand the value offered by certificate programs. The tricky part is communicating that value to your friends and family, right?

To make your job a little easier, we have a great video starring—you guessed it—certificate programs! Of course, a certificate program isn’t the right choice for everyone or every career path, but if someone is looking for a quick, affordable way to train for a new career, a certificate program should definitely be in the running.

Our quick 90-second video compares the time and money you’ll invest in a certificate versus the investment required for a degree. The video also includes information on the most popular industries for certificate programs. (Hint: healthcare is in the top 3!)

The best way to share this video while making sure you get credit for any referrals is to click on the Media tab at the top of your referral webpage and then click on the new “Get In, Get Out, Get Working” video in the Motion Graphics section. Once you’re on the page with the video, use that link to share with others.

What do you think of the our video? Does it make a good case for the value certificate programs offer?


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