Tips for Making the Most of your Medical Transcription Career

woman studyingMedical transcription is a fantastic job choice; the career offers job flexibility and stability without years of training. However, it is up to you to develop the essential skills and use your training as a stepping-stone to advance in your career.

Why medical transcription?
Medical transcription is a great foundation for other career opportunities, but it’s also an excellent choice in and of itself. Here are just a few reasons why…

Flexible schedule and opportunities to work from home – You can choose your working lifestyle! Medical transcriptionists can work full-time or part-time, at home or in the office, and with scheduled or adaptable hours. Many of Career Step’s online medical transcription training graduates work from home. Not only does this give you much-desired flexibility, but it helps you save on expenses like gas, parking, childcare, and more.

Quick training and career entry – One of the biggest perks of a medical transcription career is the option of quick, quality online education—which means getting a job faster. Career Step graduate Traci Martin was even offered a job before graduation! As she says, “I applied for a few positions before I graduated. Since I was still learning, I didn’t get past the testing for the first 2 companies. I got an email from a company that found my name on the AHDI website (thanks to Career Step, I had a membership) . . . I took the test, and to my surprise I was actually offered a position with the company 2 weeks before I took my final!”

Opportunity to work in healthcare without blood – Medical transcription is an in-demand career in the ever-growing healthcare industry, and you never have to set eyes on a single needle or breathe in a single germ.

Make the most of your training
If you haven’t already started your training, do your research before choosing a program. Assess your needs, priorities, and finances and find a program that has high job placement rates, gives experience, and provides everything you need for certification.

During your training, focus on developing the following essential medical transcription skills:

• Understanding medical terminology is a primary requirement of the job, so your medical transcription training must cover this topic in great detail. Medical jargon for the human body, diseases, treatments, and drugs should be included in the coursework.

Healthcare documentation training is crucial for a medical transcriptionist; you help create patient records. Your coursework should include training in grammar, punctuation, accuracy, and formatting.

Computer skills help improve productivity in the medical transcription world, so be sure to learn tools to increase your typing efficiency such as correct typing positions, shortcut keys, and word processing macros.

• Finally, training must include practice with real-life dictations to help students develop their listening skills and be prepared for the realities of the workplace.

Lay the foundation for your future
Medical transcription is a great way to enter the healthcare industry and may also help you find other medical career paths that interest you.

• As a medical transcriptionist, you will be a pro with anatomical, physiological, and medical terminology—a requirement for many other healthcare fields. Your medical transcription training can lay the foundation for further education and is very useful if you ever want to train to be a nurse, medical secretary, medical assistant, etc.

• Many medical transcriptionists go on to become medical coders, because this career offers a smooth, upward career move with higher pay and similar job flexibility, including work-from-home options. You’ll already be familiar with healthcare documentation practices and know the terminology needed to be a successful coder. There are many certification levels for medical coders, so you can specialize in an area and pay scale that interests you. (Learn more about medical coding career paths in our infographic.)

Medical transcription is a great career and a strong stepping stone for those looking to further their career in the healthcare world. Find out more about this career and quality training options at Career Step.

Already a medical transcriptionist? What tips do you have in making the most of your medical transcriptionist training? Let us know in the comments below!

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