Today is a Good Day for a Good Day

successful womanHave you ever looked at people around you and felt that they’re accomplishing more than you, and then you wonder: Are their lives less busy? Do they have more energy? Or are they just more organized and empowered? It’s always possible they’re less busy or have more energy, but it’s very likely they’re more empowered.

I learned this, recently, when I read an article about the power of Monday. People who are highly successful and productive make the most of their Mondays, setting themselves up for triumphs the rest of the week. Try incorporating a few of these tips to take charge of your Monday and conquer the week ahead!*

Wake up early
Give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes to get ready in the morning. You’ll feel much more in charge of your day if you have time to take a few deep breaths and think about how wonderful your day is going to be.

Eat a good breakfast
Choose foods that will stimulate your brain and keep you feeling full. Everyone is different, so experiment with foods to see which ones make you feel your best in the morning, all the way through ‘til lunch.

Exercise a little
As you get ready for work, do a few jumping jacks or other simple exercises. Good blood flow will make you more alert, boost your mood, and improve your thinking. It’s never too early in the day to give yourself a kick-start!

Get to work early
This allows room for interruptions that might otherwise make you late, eliminating any extra stress running behind schedule might add. In the event nothing unexpected comes up, having a few minutes before actually starting your work allows you to settle in, clear your mind, and get focused on the task at hand.

Review your goals
Your goals might include your to-do list for the day or week. Having a clear picture in mind as to what you want or need to accomplish can help you to stay on task. Checking things off your list will give a strong sense of accomplishment and worth and will give you an extra boost of positive energy for the next thing on your list.

Tackle the most important things first, followed by the least enjoyable things, saving the best for last. This will prevent stressing over deadlines and will motivate you to efficiently work through the undesirable tasks in order to get to the desirable ones.

Visualize success
Your mind has a powerful influence over your body. Picturing yourself as having already accomplished something provides the motivation and confidence needed to actually accomplish it, allowing your thoughts to focus on the positive outcome.

*If your weekly schedule starts on a different day and/or you’re an MT/MTE student rather than a working graduate, replace “Monday” and “work” with words that apply to you as you read these tips.

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