Top 5 Reasons: Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR

It’s been a little while since we released our Top 5 series. Just to provide a little recap, our goal with this series is to provide the top 5 reasons why a student would choose Career Step’s program. We have featured our Medical Transcription, Medical Coding and Billing, Medical Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Medical Billing, Pharmacy Technician, and Computer Technician programs. Today we’re going to take a look at our Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR program.

Here we go…

1. NHA approved – The Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR program is approved by the National Healthcareer Association. This organization is a leading industry organization for the medical administrative assisting field, and they approval means that they’ve evaluated our curriculum to ensure that it prepares students to be successful in this field after graduation.

2. Preparation for the future of healthcare – Healthcare is changing. With healthcare reform, medical records must move to an electronic format, which has created an incredible need for administrative professionals trained on electronic health record (EHR) software. Career Step’s program helps students develop these skills so they can stand out in the job market with hands-on experience (see point 3) and industry certifications (see point 4).

3. Hands-on experience – One of our goals at Career Step is to help our students graduate with hands-on experience in their chosen field. In the Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR program, students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with ezEMRx software. This is an industry-approved, government-certified EHR software platform, and students will use this software, or one very like it, once they start working. So having this experience prepares them for the workforce and minimizes the on-the-job training they have to do once they start.

4. CMAA and CEHRS certification preparation – Earning industry credentials is a great way to stand out in the job market and prove skills to employers. The Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR program prepares students to earn the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) and Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist (CEHRS) certifications after graduation. The course even provides two exam vouchers upon graduation (a $210 total value) to make it even easier for students to earn their credentials and start working right away.

5. Affordability – The Career Step Medical Administrative Assistant with EHR program provides everything students need to start a successful new career for only $2,395. It is one of the only programs available that offers hands-on experience with electronic health records, and it prepares students for a field that reports average salaries of over $32,000/yr.

If you’d like to learn more about the career opportunities available because of healthcare’s ongoing to transition electronic health records, check out our Electronic Health Records Careers infographic.

What do you think of the opportunities electronic health records are creating?

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