Top 5 Reasons: Medical Billing

Continuing on in our Top 5 Reasons blog series, today we highlight medical billing. We’ve featured each of the Career Step programs (Medical Transcription, Medical Coding and Billing, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, and Computer Technician) to give you a quick reference when you’re wondering why someone should choose a Career Step training program. It’s easy if you took a program yourself but all those other ones can be tricky—which is why we’ve created this series for you!

Our Medical Billing Program was developed in response to requests from employer partners that hire our coding graduates, which leads us to our first reason…

1. Employer requested – We have a number of employers that give us feedback from time to time on our different programs and the level of preparation they provide for the workforce. In one of these discussions, an employer suggested the need for a quick training program that prepared graduates for careers in medical billing—without complex coding training, grads can be working much faster and employers have specialized billing applicants to choose from. So the Medical Billing program was born!

2. Quick, streamlined training – In less than 3 months students can be graduated and career-ready with the Medical Billing program. We’ve built the course to cover everything they need to know to start their medical billing career and designed it get them into the workforce as quickly as possible.

3. Practical, hands-on experience – There’s no substitute for actually doing something yourself, which is why the Medical Billing program gives students hands-on experience with the paperwork they’ll handle on the job. They’ll learn how to fill out forms such as the UB-40 and CMS-1500 and will actually complete a number of these forms before graduation. This gives them an edge as they start working because it minimizes the on-the-job training necessary.

4. AMBA membership after graduation – After graduation students receive a 1-year membership to the American Medical Billers Association, which offers a number of networking and continuing education options as they’re job hunting and starting their careers.

5. Affordable – There are very few training programs that focus solely on medical billing—most combine billing with complex coding training. This increases the time it takes to complete the course as well as the cost. With the Career Step program, students can be career-ready in less than 3 months for just $2,995. This career offers the opportunity for professionals to establish themselves in healthcare whether they’re looking to stay in medical billing or use it as a foot in the door.

Do you have any other questions about why Career Step’s medical billing program might be right for someone you know? Or are there other programs you’d like us to cover in this series? Let us know in the comments below!

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