Using Social Media for Referrals: Twitter Part 2 | What to Say

In Part 1 of our using Twitter to increase your referrals, we outlined the basics of how to use Twitter. Just in case you don’t know what to tweet, here are some ideas!

1. Tell your story.
If you are a Career Step student or graduate, the best way to get referrals is to share your success story. With only 140 characters it can be a little bit tricky to communicate, but it can be done. Here are a few examples:

  • Thanks to online training at Career Step, I landed the job of my dreams! Find out more at (insert shortened URL link to your referral page.)
  • I work from home in my pjs. With Career Step’s online training, you can too! Check it out today (insert shortened URL link to your referral page.)
  • As a #militaryspouse I love training online for a job in demand nationwide (i.e. PCS proof!) See if it’s right for you (insert shortened URL link to your referral page.)

2. Share testimonials.
If you don’t want to tell your own story, you can still share the success of others by linking to Career Step’s testimonials page. Remember, in order to get credit for the referral you’ll need to add your referrer ID to the URL by adding ?uid=refXXXXX to the end of the URl. (Be sure to replace the Xs with the numbers from your actual referrer ID.) Here are a few more possible tweets:

  • See why Clare choose Career Step to help her train for an at-home career. (Insert shortened link of
  • Feel like you’re in a dead end job? Find out how Steve found a new career with online training from Career Step! (Insert shortened link of

3. Share our current promo.
Another great thing to tweet on a regular basis is the current Career Step promo. You can find out what our current promo is by following us on the Referral Blog, following the Referral Program Facebook page, or by visiting Some examples of things you can tweet (depending on the promotion we are running) are:

  • Interested in training at home to work at home? Check out Career Step. Enroll by February 28 for a FREE iPad! (insert shortened URL link to your referral page.)
  • #militaryspouses can train online for a new career for FREE with MyCAA funding. Courses include a FREE laptop! (insert shortened URL link to your referral page.)

These are just a few of our ideas of what you can tweet, but the sky is the limit in terms of what you can tweet. You can share motivational messages or pictures of yourself working in your new career to inspire others.

We also post on our Facebook page ever week ideas on ways to increase your referrals on Facebook. You can take the ideas we post there and modify them for Twitter (to account for the 140 character limit.)

Still have questions about how to use Twitter to increase your referrals? Or have you forgotten your Referrer ID? Leave us a comment below or email us at and we’d be happy to help!

If you’re interested in other ways you can use social media to increase your referrals, check out some of the other posts in this series:

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