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Social media is quickly becoming a staple in everyday life, especially YouTube. Think about it. How often have you searched for something online to find yourself watching a video instead of reading about whatever you were looking for? And to be honest, it’s much easier to watch a video and be shown how to do something versus reading about it. But how can you use videos and YouTube to increase your referrals? We thought you’d never ask!

If you’re not shy in front of the camera, one way to increase your referrals is by posting a video of yourself. The video can be long or short, but it must be informative and interesting. Think about all the things you wished you had known before you started school or your new career. Why did you decide to go back to school or change careers? What did you look for in a school? How did you decide which career you wanted to be trained for? These are just a few of the things you can feature in your video.

Break It Up

If you feel overwhelmed that there is too much to talk about, break it up into several short videos that will be easier for you to make and people to watch. Start with a basic video talking about yourself and why you chose to go back to school and what sort of impact it has had on your life. Keep in mind that this video will be public so never disclose information you wouldn’t want everyone to know.

From there you can do a “day in the life” video about your experience training and studying online and what worked for you. Give your viewers a peek into what your average day really looks like! If you’ve already graduated, you can do a “day in the life” of your job. For example, what does it really mean to be a medical transcriptionist working from home? Again, think of all the information that was helpful while you were searching for a school and what factors you considered when selecting Career Step. Chances are there is someone in your same situation that would love hearing your advice!

Upload Your Video

Once your video has been created, upload it to YouTube and included your referrer webpage in the description for people to click on if they want additional information. Your referrer webpage contains your referrer ID, which ensures you’ll qualify for a referral bonus if they decide to enroll…even if it is several weeks or months down the road.

Get It Seen

If you’ve never used YouTube before, here are some quick guidelines on how to make sure your video gets noticed. (And of course there are plenty of “how to” videos on YouTube that can help you as well!)

Title – This will be how people find your video. So make sure your title is a good description of what people are searching for. Example: “Why I chose to become a medical transcriptionist”

Description – This should be a quick summary of what your video is about. This is also where you would include your referral webpage. For example:  “As a mom, medical transcription was the right career choice for me! Working from home has allowed me to be there for my children but still help support my family. If you’re in a similar situation, I’d recommend Career Step for training. You can get more information at” (Just remember to replace the x’s with the numbers from your actual referrer ID.)

Tags – This is another way people will find your video, so you want the tags to be as relevant and as encompassing as possible. Start out with what your video is about and then move on to more generic terms. You might want to even include misspellings if there is a word that is commonly misspelled. Just keep in mind that you are only allowed 500 characters total for all of your tags – so focus on getting the main subjects in first. Example: “medical transcription” “transcriptionist” “work from home” “mom friendly careers” “military friendly careers” “online training”

These are just some of our ideas on how you can use YouTube to increase your referrals. Are you using YouTube already for referrals? What has worked for you? We’d love to hear your story in the comments section below!


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